The Talismans


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All of Shendu's powers



The Talismans are a set of twelve talismans, each one representing one sign of the chinese zodiac. They were created when Lo-Pei, a servant of the dragon demon Shendu, cats a spell on his former master, imprisoning him into a statue form. The talismans came as a result of the spell, each one containg one of Shendu's powers.

The Talisman's powersEdit

  • Rat talisman: Has the power to “animate the inanimate”. It will bring to life any kind of figure (dolls, statues, etc.), who will have the same powers related to that figure (such as a statue of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl being able to create light blasts and grow vines). The animated figure will also believe that he is real.
  • Ox talisman: Has the power of super-strength. It's user will gain a inhuman physical strength, being able to do things such as lifting heavy weights without much effort.
  • Tiger talisman: Has the power of balance. It is meant to balance all other 11 talismans, but if it is shattered, it will divide the person in two halves, one good and one evil, the yin and the yang. It can also track “lost halves” of broken objects.
  • Rabbit talisman: Has the power of super-speed. It's user will be able to run at very high speeds.
  • Dragon talisman: Has the power of combustion. It enables the user to discharge powerful energy beams.
  • Snake talisman: Has the power of invisibility. It will make it's user completely invisible.
  • Horse talisman: Has the power to “expel all alien forces within”. It can cure any disease, heal wounds, relieve pain and restore broken objects.
  • Sheep talisman: Has the power of astral projection. It can separate the soul of the user from his body. While the body remains at a hibernation state, the soul can wander freely, but will never be able to interact with anything and cannot be seen or heard. However, the soul can enter a person's dream.
  • Monkey talisman: Has the power of shape-shifting. It can turn a person or animal into any kind of animal.
  • Rooster talisman: The power of levitation. It allows the user to levitate or to move objects around.
  • Dog talisman: Has the power of immortality. The user will become completely immortal while holding to the talisman. The talisman also negates the effects of aging.
  • Pig talisman: Has the power of lasers. The user will be able to shot heat beams from his eyes.