Soul Reaver


Legacy of Kain




Devour souls



The Soul Reaver is a sword which plays a key role in the Legacy of Kain series. It contains the soul of the wraith Raziel, being able to devour the souls of those who are stroke with it. The sword was forged by the vampire Vorador, at the behest of Janos Audron, and endowed with the power to drain the blood of it's victims. It was Raziel's destiny to have his soul trapped within the Soul Reaver all along. Kain, the main user of the sword and the one destined to save the world of Nosgoth with it, stroke Raziel with the sword, resulting in it being shattered and embuing Raziel with a wraith version of the sword, which he powers up throughout the story, enabling it to cleanse the souls and visions of it's victims. Raziel then gives up his soul for the blade, which results in him being trapped in the Soul Reaver, and by consequence in a time loop.