The Power Coins were supernatural golden coins, created by Ninjor, which were used as the power source of the original Power Rangers.


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The Power Coins [1]EditEdit

Dinosaur Coins[2]EditEdit

The original Coins drew their power from the ancient dinosaurs and had an animal engraved on each one: Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber-Toothed Tiger, and Tyrannosaurus. The sixth Coin was based off a dragon, but instead had a symbol resembling a dragon's footprint. Zordon gained possession of the first five coins, after he and Alpha 4 found a map that lead them to the location of the coins in the Desert of Despair. Unfortunately, Rita Repulsa somehow gained the Dragon Coin.

The Rangers could remove their coins and transform them into Power Crystals. The holder places his thumb and index fingers on the edge of the Coin, heads facing out. The individual then elongates the crystal down to a point. The Rangers usually shout "Two-One-Power Up", and insert it into a slot on the helm of his/her Zord in order to control the war machines.

The Coins can also emit powerful energy charges which have been used to re-energize Zordon.

[3]Adam Park's Mastodon Coin after its near-destruction. Added by The Green RangerWhen Tommy Oliver's Green Ranger powers were permanently drained by Lord Zedd's Green Crystal, Zordon and Alpha secretly created the White Ranger, using the White Tiger Coin as his power source. Whether Zordon created this Coin or had it from the beginning is unknown.

In the beginning of Season Three, Rito Revolto, brother of the vile Rita, appeared in the Moon Palace. Leading an army of monsters, he successfully overloaded the Command Center (with some unintentional help from Alpha 5), destroying the Thunderzords and damaging the Power Coin and their connection to the Morphing Grid. [4]Tigerzord/White Tiger (White)[5]Dragonzord/Dragon (Green)[6]Mastodon (Black)[7]Pterodactyl (Pink)[8]Triceratops (Blue)[9]Sabertooth Tiger (Yellow)[10]Tyrannosaurus (Red)