The Heavenly Crests are a set of artifacts from the game Demon's Crest. Created in the high heavens, these crests somehow felt into the Ghoul Realm, where a civil war erupted because of them.

They are seven in total, and each one correspond to an element:

  • Crest of Fire: Ruling over flame, the crest allows the owner to control fire;
  • Crest of Earth: Ruling over earth, the crest gives great strength to it's owner;
  • Crest of Air: Ruling over the sky, the crest enables the owner to control the wind;
  • Crest of Water: Ruling over the ocean, the crest allows the owner to swim beneath the seas;
  • Crest of Time: Ruling over the past, the crest enables the owner to go back in time;
  • Crest of Heaven: Ruling over the heavens, the crest bestows incredible holy powers on it's owner;
  • Crest of Infinity: This crest's power can only be unleashed after all other crests are united, giving unimaginable power to it's bearer. This power was the one sought by the ghouls.